The safety of your children is very important to us.That is why we have a Plan to Protect®  policy in place.  All children's ministry volunteers are required to complete a screening process that involves vulnerable sector checks, reference checks, and an interview, as well as receiving Plan to Protect® training from a certified trainer.

City Check-In

Your children will be signed in on Sunday morning using City Check-In. This web-based tool is completely safe and secure. On your first visit, our City Check-In Team will help you get set up. You will receive a nametag for your child and corresponding barcode tag with your child’s number on it. Should we need to get a hold of you at any time during the gathering, your child’s number will appear on the screen in the auditorium. You will need your barcode to pick-up your child from his or her class.

If you would like to speed up your first check-in experience, you can create an account today. Click here.

Pick-Up Policy

Please pick up your children from oldest to youngest, showing each teacher your corresponding barcode tag and initialing beside your child’s name. You can stick your barcode tag on the attendance sheet of the youngest child.

Children ages 0 – grade 3 must be picked up by an adult (parent or guardian).

Children in grades 4-6 may leave on their own, only if a permission form is signed in advance.