We want to be a church that is 'for the city' in northeast Edmonton. Crosspoint was planted in this region of the city because we believed there was a need for greater tangilble kingdom presence. We see our local mission as the region north of 137 Avenue and from 97 Street to the Manning. We continue to dream and learn about how we can best serve this part of Edmonton.

Every region of every city has brokenness and real tangible needs. Northeast Edmonton is no exception.  Our desire is to discover what those needs are, and to pour ourselves into them.  

Community Needs Assessment

For our first two years in the community, we sought to understand before jumping to solutions.  We conducted a thorough Community Needs Assessment, in partnership with E4C.  The two key purposes were to build collaborative relationships with local community leaders and organizations, and to discover the most significant community needs.  You can download a copy of the Community Needs Assessment here.