Kid's Kapers Musical

2018 Musical Registration is open!

Who can participate in the Kid’s Kapers Musical?

The Kid’s Kapers Musical is for children in grades 1-6 who have attended Kid’s Kapers Day Camp or Fun in the Son and children who live in northeast Edmonton.  Major roles in the musical are also available for grades 7-12 students.  Residents from Dickinsfield Capital Care will also participate in the musical.

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How do I register for the Kid’s Kapers Musical?

Click here to register for the musical.

What musical is being performed?

Not Your Average Joe – The Story of Joseph with a 50’s Twist

What is a typical rehearsal like?

6:00pm      Check-In & Team Building

6:15pm      Chorus

6:45pm      Acting Crew/ Production Crew*

7:30pm      Pick-up

*In addition to being in the chorus, each child and senior will have the opportunity to be involved in either the acting crew or the production crew.  Actors with a minor role may be on both crews.

Acting Crew

There are 5 major roles and 14 minor roles in this musical.  Everyone on the acting crew will perform one of these roles.  They will receive acting instruction and coaching.  For those roles that include a singing solo, voice coaching will be provided.  Auditions are required.

Production Crew

This team will work together to paint sets, create costume accessories and props, design tickets and put together the “performer’s wall” featuring pictures of the musical’s cast. 

Where do rehearsals take place?

Rehearsals take place at Dickinsfield Capital Care located at 14225 94 St.

When do rehearsals take place?

Rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 7:30pm starting January 17, 2018 .  There will be 16 rehearsals.

When and where will the musical be performed?

Thursday, May 10, 7pm @ Northgate Lions Seniors Recreation Centre

Saturday, May 12, 2:00pm @ Dickinsfield Capital Care

Sunday, May 13, 10:30am @ Northgate Lions Seniors Recreation Centre

What safety precautions are in place?

Our desire is to create a safe and fun environment for all children who participate in the musical. Each of our volunteers must complete Plan To Protect® training, which includes police record checks. The musical will be staffed on a ratio of 1 adult leader for every 5 children. There will also be someone with First Aid Certification on site.

How much does it cost?

The registration fee for the Kid’s Kapers Musical is $50/child.  This works out to approximately $3/rehearsal and helps to offset some of the cost of the musical.  If you require financial aid, please email Rebekah.  We do not want finances to prevent children from participating in the musical.

Who is sponsoring the musical?

The Kid’s Kapers Musical is a community service of Crosspoint Church in northeast Edmonton.  Emmanuel Community Church and Dickinsfield Capital Care are contributing partners of the musical.

How do I get involved in volunteering for the Kid’s Kapers Musical?

Call Rebekah Ney at (780) 466-3532 or email her.

More Questions?

Call Rebekah Ney at (780) 466-3532 or email her.