Kids Ministry

We welcome children from age 0 to grade 6 to participate in our SpotON! gatherings on Sunday mornings.  Age-specific groups will be provided with a hands-on, interactive approach to learning.  We are excited to grow together!

At SpotON! we want to turn the spotlight on who Jesus is.  We want our kids to see Jesus for who He truly is through what the Bible teaches, and through His love reflected in the lives of our leaders. 

It is our desire that as our kids grow to know and love Jesus; that they will in turn be a generation that shines His light in this world.  In the same way that Jesus lived out his faith while he was on earth, and didn’t just talk about it, we want our kids’ lives to be marked by love and authenticity.

We believe that the family plays an integral role in a child’s spiritual development and so a large part of our vision as a church is to support families in building faith-based homes.  SpotON! can then be another safe environment where kids can experience God and community, examine the Bible and explore their faith.

ORANGE is a strategy that we have adopted at Crosspoint for SpotON! We believe that the family and church partnering together can have a great impact on the next generation – more than they would working separately.