Child Dedication

At Crosspoint we believe child dedication is more than a ritual; it is a commitment of parents to honour the Word of God. For us, it is a public sign that parents are seeking to bring up their children in the ways of Christ. As a faith community we strive to stand with parents in their commitment.  

As a part of this dedication, parents are asked to:

  • Publicly affirm their personal faith in Jesus, and renew their dedication to him and the Bible.
  • Pray for God’s direction in their lives and in the lives of their children.
  • Faithfully participate in the life of the local church and God’s kingdom with their children.
  • Teach their children the truths found in the Bible at home.
  • Model authentic Christ-centred faith to their children on a daily basis.
  • Play an integral role in their children's coming to faith in Christ.
  • Recognize that their children belong to God and have been born to know, love and serve him.

We host child dedications during the Sunday morning gathering, a few times throughout the year. A child dedication class is held for parents prior to the actual dedication.

We believe child dedication is distinct from the practice of infant baptism.  Although we recognize that, historically, infant baptism has been practiced in some churches, we do not believe that the practice is clearly supported in Scripture.  Instead, we believe that baptism by water immersion is for believers who have confessed their faith in Christ.  Babies are not yet able to make this confession.

If you are considering having your child dedicated, please contact us for more information.